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Particle Systems

Particle systems let you display and move large numbers of objects, called particles.

You can use a particle system to produce all kinds of visual experiences, for example to create the appearance of rain and smoke. Find out how to build a full effect using particle systems in this video tutorial.

To insert a particle system, click Insert, select Particle System and then click Insert.

The particle system will be shown as emitter in the Scene tab. You can make changes to the particle system and particles in the Inspector panel.



Uncheck this box to stop the particle system from being rendered in the scene.



Change the position of the particle system.


Scale the transform of the particle system.


Rotate the particle system.


Apply a material to the particle system.



Use the dropdown to select either:

  1. Point - Particles will emit from a single point.
  2. Line - Particles will emit from points along a line.
  3. Plane - Particles will emit from points within a plane.
  4. Ring - Particles will emit from points around a ring.


Select whether your particles appear in either:

  1. Local Space - particles will move with the emitter after being emitted
  2. World space - particles will have their own position after being emitted.


Control the rate at which particles are emitted. It's set to 20 particles per second by default. If the birthrate was changed to 70 and 40%, every second between 42 and 98 particles would be created.


Set how long each particle will appear for in the effect. It's set to 0.4 seconds by default - so each particle is removed after it's been shown for 0.4 seconds.

Spray Angle

Change the angle of the emitter.


Change the speed the particles move.


Check this box to adjust when the particle system starts after the effect is opened, in seconds.



Change the size of the particles


Set an angle for particles to spin at. It's set to 0 by default, which means no spinning after being emitted.


Tilt particles as they're emitted

Enable for

Choose whether the particle system should be visible in the Front or Back camera.

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