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3D Text

You can add 3D text to effects in Spark AR Studio, including adding your own custom fonts.

Text will be rendered in American English - it won't be translated into other languages.

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Adding 3D text

To add 3D text:

  1. Click Add Object.
  2. Select 3D Text.

Changing the appearance of 3D text

When you select a 3D text object in the Scene Panel, you'll be able to make changes to its properties in the Inspector. For example, how it's arranged in the scene, what it says, and how it looks.

Adding colors and textures

You can add color and textures to both the front and side of 3D text in your scene.

To do this, select the 3D text object in the Scene Panel. In the Inspector:

  • Click + next to Front Material - to add the material to the of the text.
  • Click + next to Side Material - to add the material to the of the text.

The new material will be listed in the Assets panel. You can then select the material, and add colors and textures in the Inspector. You'll generally use a flat material or a standard material for, depending on how you want the text to look.

In the example below, we’ve added a material to both the front and side of the text, and added a color to each material:

Changing the depth

Edit the values next to Depth in the Inspector panel to change the depth of 3D text.


To choose a font for the 3D text in your scene:

  1. Go Font in the Inspector panel.
  2. Choose an option from the list.

You can also your own add custom fonts.

Positioning 3D text

You can use the Manipulators at the top of the Viewport to change the position of 3D text.

If you have a precise idea in mind for position of the text, you can edit the X, Y and Z values next to Position in the Inspector.

If text is a child of the camera, keep in mind how far away it's positioned. If it's too far away, it won't be easy for people to read. If text is in world space, keep in mind its positioning and how clear it will be to the user.

Dynamic text

Use dynamic text to personalize effects - for example to show a someone's location, the date or the current temperature.

3D Text - Properties


Assign the text to a layer, or create a new one.


Uncheck this box to stop the text object from being rendered in the scene.


Change the depth of 3D text.


Change the position, scale and rotation of the text. You can also use the Manipulators.

Enable for

Choose whether text is visible in the front camera or back camera.

Check the box next to Preview to show text when someone is previewing an effect.

Check the box next to Capture to only capture text when an image or film is taken.



Enter your text.


Check this box to let people customize the text in your effect. Checking this box will let you add placeholder text - to tell someone the text is editable.

Dynamic Text

Insert a token into the Text box to show personalized text using mobile device data, like current city or the day of the week. Dynamic text is rendered in American English.


Choose a pre-installed font, or add your own.

Face and Side Material

Add a material to the front and side of the text.

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