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Use a canvas to lay out 2D and 3D objects. They're inserted by default as the parent of rectangles and text.

A canvas can be either in screen space, or world space:

  • In screen space, the canvas is fixed to fit the device and can't be transformed. A canvas in screen space can be used to lay out 2D objects, for example to make a frame.
  • In world space, the canvas can be transformed, for example rotated and resized. You can add 3D objects under a canvas if it's in world space.

When a canvas is in screen space, it will adapt to the size of a mobile device's screen.

Inserting a Canvas

To insert a canvas:

  • Click Insert in the Toolbar.
  • Select Canvas, then Insert.

Making Changes to a Canvas

When you've selected a canvas in the Scene tab, you can make changes to it by adjusting its properties in the Inspector panel.

Canvas - Properties


Uncheck this box to stop the canvas or any children from being rendered in the scene.


User the dropdown to select whether the canvas is in either:

  • Screen space - the size of the canvas will be fixed to fit the device.
  • World space - the canvas can be transformed, for example rotated and resized.


Adjust the width and height of the canvas.


Change the position, scale or rotation.

Enable for

Choose the camera or cameras on a mobile device in which you want to render the canvas and its children.

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