Instagram: Unable to use this effect on your device

Instagram Effects

If you're experiencing this issue, please do the following:

- Update your Instagram App with the latest version
- Uninstall IG from your device, and install again.

If this didn't help, please help us to identify the issue opening a bug report and replying to this post, with:

- Device Model (i.e. Galaxy S9)
- Instagram Version
- Did the affected filters work before?

Asked about 7 months ago by Roberto
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    • Roberto 786 answers
      Our thanks to the creators that provided feedback, we have investigated and fixed a bug that shows the error message “Unable to use this effect on your device” on both iOS and Android, when loading an effect.​
      ​ ​ ​ ​
      A fix is available on Instagram (v194.0+), Facebook (v.325+), Spark AR Player (v117.0) and Spark AR Studio v117.0. ​

      Please update to the latest app versions, and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
      • Thank you so much!
        Posted about 7 months ago by Linda
      • The problem is till not fixed. error shows in different iPhone 8 plus, 11, 12
        Posted about 2 months ago by HsuanHsuan