Facebook AR Ads: what can it do?

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I've read there is a Call To Action option for Facebook Ads. Are there other special features of AR Ads?

These are some things I'm interested in doing:

- If call to action is taken, set data; then change effect state next time someone sees it or uses it.

- Showing new feed videos if someone has tried it before.

Can we integrate the ad performance data within the effect? For example, showing how many people have taken the call to action, or pulling some data from a website, like number of sign ups? Is this handled by the DeeplLink Module?

Sorry, this question is getting unruly.

- Is the Website URL the Call to Action? Or can any link be used?

Can anyone talk about their experience with Facebook Ads and what's worked best?

Asked about 5 months ago by Matt
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      For Facebook AR Ads, you can include a call to action within the effects itself, which can lead users to an external website URL or any link you want. All the data such as the number of clicks, impressions can only be seen in the Facebook Ad manager instead of Spark AR Hub for AR ads.
      But we can't change the effect according to how many people have taken a certain CTA as data still can't be pass in/out of an effect.

      The best way to use a Facebook AR ad is to use a video of someone using the effect as the content for the ads itself. And add the external link within the effect itself so users can choose to go to the website of your choice after using the effect. One thing to note is that Face AR Ads will probably not get lots of shares since not many people are sharing stories on Facebook, so it is more of a tool to get clicks and impressions rather than shareability.

      You can read more of how to setup Facebook AR Ads here: https://www.gowaaa.com/post/8-steps-to-create-your-first-facebook-ar-advertisement
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