Wrong Action Taken On a Benign Filter With No Possibilities of Appealing

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Hi Spark AR Team,

My filter was wrongfully assessed to be "shocking & promoting tobacco/alcohol,etc."

It's a very benign movie quiz to find out which movie you are. I believe it needs a human second review because automation might have wrongfully analyzed it.

I am also not given any option to explain why it was wrongly assessed.

Can anyone from the team help here??
This is the effect ID: 275274107337105

Asked about a month ago by Vidana
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    • Spark AR Team
      Thank you for reporting this issue.
      Taking this to further investigation.
      • Thank you :)
        Posted about a month ago by Vidana
      • Hi Spark AR Team. Any updates on the investigation? Thank you.
        Posted about a month ago by Vidana
      • Hi Vidana,
        This filter contains movie posters with guns and smoking. That's the reason why it didn't pass the verification.
        Posted about a month ago by
        Spark AR Team
      • Hi Spark AR Team,

        Can I please have an explanation on how "smoking or gun" pictures/movie posters is considered promotion of alcohol and tobacco? There is no ...promotion or sale happening. According to Facebook community standards sharing pictures of guns or alcohol is benign and is not considered promotion. There needs to be sale or promotion happening for it to be considered violating.

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        Posted about a month ago by Vidana