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My AR effect ID: 780844336004103 is not approved due to Policies 2.3b, 2.4a and 2.3a. Could you explain further as we have adhered to the policies and have made one round of edits for the approval?

We are hoping to have the answer soon as we a launching this filter for a nationwide campaign this weekend!
Asked about 5 months ago by Ye
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    • Spark AR Team
      Hi Ye,

      If you think we made a mistake, request a review and we’ll review your effect again. You can do this on the effect review page in Spark AR Hub: https://www.facebook.com/sparkarhub/dashboard
      • I have the same issue, I have already requested a review and they responded by saying "The effect infringes upon one of the Facebook brands by using trademarked... assets or names or protected color gradients. (Policy 3.7)" But I haven't infringed on any copyrighted content or anything and now I'm not allowed to request a second review because I requested the first. It's very frustrating to not have a way to request more information. How can I fix something that isn't broken?? Is there anyway to get more information about my effect and why anyone would think it violates 3.7? See More
        Posted about 2 months ago by Auggo