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Hello , I am newbie .
For the last 30 days I am constantly learning about the Spark AR platform
I made many filters and published them . All of them got accepted .
But the problem is 2 of my filter uses person segmentation and background changing feature . Those 2 filters doesn't work on android phone , they only work on iOS devices . Pls help . This error is only observed with background changing filters .

PS: Those filters say : effect not available

Test Links :

Effect 1 : https://www.instagram.com/ar/399089541105029/?ch=YmQ3MmE0Yzc5M2E2YTJiZTFjZmU4NGEzN2I5YzFhYzI%3D

Effect 2 : https://www.instagram.com/ar/694358601163321/?ch=ZmIxMDg2ZGNjY2M0YzdjYjA5NmJlNThlMzQwOTg5MTE%3D

I use an android device , my friends told me about this issue with my filters
Asked about 5 months ago by Manu
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