[Bug?] Layers

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"Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers."
I am trying to understand what is written in the layers documentation page:

"Objects in a Spark AR Studio effect are always rendered in a specific order. In general, an object that's listed closer to the Camera in the Scene panel will appear in front of one that's further away."

By default objects "physically" closer to camera in 3D scene, are rendered on top of others.

Even if we disable material's writing to depth the description is wrong. Objects listed closer further are on top of others.
"This can mean an object intended to appear in front of another object appears behind it, and vice versa. You can use layers to change this."

True if we play with Advanced Render Options.

Is the documentation wrong or I am misunderstanding it? Maybe there is a bug in Spark?
Link to documentation: https://sparkar.facebook.com/ar-studio/learn/articles/fundamentals/layers#assigning-objects-to-layers
Asked about 2 months ago by Piotr
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    • Roberto 627 answers
      Hi Piotr, we are reviewing the docs and functionalities.

      I'll come back to your shortly.
      • The render order in the scene hierarchy setup only matters while there are transparent objects. For example transparent planes and a particle system with transparent particles. Some arrangement can or just can't pull off transparency properly.
        Posted about 2 months ago by Piotr