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Hello, I would like to ask about my effect (5 tahun lagi...), it said my effect has non-standard instructions and infringes upon one of the Facebook brands, by using trademarked assets or names or protected color gradients (this showed up on my second time submitting, it didn't show up on my first and I didn't change my file). I don't quite understand why because I've made sure I followed your instructions and use only free assets. It'd be great if you can tell me which part of it that infringes facebook's policy?

I'd love to hear from you back,
Thank you
Asked about 4 months ago by Galeri
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    • Spark AR Team
      Hi Galeri,

      If you think we made a mistake, request a review and we’ll review your effect again. You can do this on the effect review page in Spark AR Hub: https://www.facebook.com/sparkarhub/dashboard
      • I have the same issue as Galeri, I requested a review and then was given a different issue without much clarity on how I'm infringing on a brand. Since I alread...y requested a review I am not able to request a second review. Is there any way to find out more about how any of my assets (made by me in photoshop) could possibly be infringing on Facebook/Instagram brands since I don't use any colors or logos? It's very frustrating to be rejected without knowing why or having any way to reach out for help except for in these forums where it's hard to know if anyone will even read the questions. See more
        Posted about 2 months ago by Auggo