Audio file not playing while testing in Instagram app

Made a filter with patches where face finder triggers a pulse to play an audio file when detecting a smile.

When I'm testing it with my Webcam in Spark AR Studio on my Windows 10 computer everything works perfectly well. Published to Spark AR Hub and using the test link to test it in Instagram. Everything works except the included audio file doesn't play anymore. Mic is disabed in Spark AR File because I've been told that might prevent the mic input overriding playing the audio file.

Does anyone have the same problem or even a fix?
Asked about 5 months ago by Robin
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    • Roberto 647 answers
      Hi Robin,

      Are you using mono M4A files, with a 44.1kHz sample rate and 16-bit-depth resolution?

      • Yes, both.
        Posted about 5 months ago by Robin
      • Hi,

        To report a bug in Spark AR Studio:
        1. Open Spark AR Studio.
        2. Click Help in the Menu bar.
        3. Select Report Problem.

        When you're reporting the bug, make sure:

        - The title is clear and explains what has happened. For example: “Mirroring: Can't mirror from iOS device”.
        - You've clearly explained the error and how to reproduce it.
        - You've included screenshots, if possible.
        - You've attached a file, if relevant.
        See more
        Posted about 5 months ago by Roberto