Problem with particles and target tracking

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Since the latest update (v114), when I have particles simulated in world space with the particle system being set as child of a target tracker, the particles seem to follow the camera in a very strange and unnatural way.

Having the target type being set to static or to movable doesn't change anything.

Particles simulated in local space do not seem to have the same problem, however we can't use local space for our project.

I already have submitted a bug report.
Asked about 4 months ago by Patrick
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    • Roberto 486 answers
      Hi Patrick, thanks for opening the bug report. We'll look into it
      • Hello Roberto, any news regarding this problem?
        Our project heavily relies on world space particles (the emitter is animated to create a trail of particles) so we would really need a solution.
        Best regards,
        Posted about 3 months ago by Patrick
      • @Roberto, would it be helpful if I sent a video of the problem, filmed from my iPhone?
        Could I have your email address to send it in private?
        Posted about 3 months ago by Patrick
      • Hi Patrick. You can post the video on the Community and we can look into it:

        Posted about 3 months ago by Roberto