Test link only works for certain phones

half of the assets are invisible for iphones, samsung and oppo devices in the test link

but test link works fine in lenovo, realme and poco devices
Asked about 6 months ago by Udit
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    • Roberto 647 answers

      Can you please open a bug report adding some information for troubleshooting?

      - Device model: i.e. Galaxy S9
      - Does it always happen with this filter? What about other filters you might have?

      To report a bug in Spark AR Hub:

      1. Open Spark AR Hub: https://www.facebook.com/sparkarhub
      2. Click the gear icon in the Menu bar.
      3. Select Report a Problem.

      When you're reporting a bug, make sure:

      - The title is clear and explains what happened. For example, “Test link: Effect not loading on iPhone 6”.
      - You've included the Effect ID.- You've mentioned whether your effect is in draft, review or published.
      - If it's an issue with loading the effect on a device, that you've specified the device type, User ID and the approximate date and time that you encountered the problem.
      - If your problem is with either the test link or share link, please specify which.

      • done
        Posted about 6 months ago by Udit