Keep on showing "Unexpected error has occured " when tryin to upload the filter?

Upload and Export
Why it keeps on saying unexpected error has occurred when im trying to upload my filter?
My software has updated to the latest version , and nothing wrong with the project file size but still can be uploaded.
Asked about 6 months ago by Anna
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    • Roberto 647 answers
      Hi Anna,

      can you please try another internet browser to see if that helps? if you still have issues, please open a big report and let me know. We will look into it.

      • Hi Roberto ,
        thank you for the answer.

        I have tried another internet browser and same issue appeared. I have open a report from the SPARK AR software , hope it will work!
        Thanks a lot :)
        Posted about 6 months ago by Anna
      • Thanks :)
        Posted about 6 months ago by Roberto