Reposted: My Effect was disabled because of a False "Copyright" Claim

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EDIT: It's been nearly two months since I've tried to contact someone from the Spark AR Team and to sort my issue out. I feel like I'm being ignored and my issue is not being seen and taken further action. It was such an irresponsible action to take my filter down without proof in such a quick time, BUT it's very hard to get it back when I'm stating that I have every right into the filter and the "report" was out of jealousy. Hopefully with this post I will be able to find a solution.

Reposted Text:
I’m writing to express my complaint about my filter who got disabled without a valid reason.
The filter ID is 230096772104076 called “paperlike” by @glamouraesth.

The effect was reported by someone claiming the texture used was theirs.
Let me describe how the effect looked like.
It was a 'clone' filter with segmentation, as the background was a camera texture. And a paper texture on top.

This person claimed that the paper texture is theirs, and wanted my filter taken down.

I actually have permission and full rights to use the paper texture by the creator which I have contacted personally beforehand and have proof of everything I'm stating.

The effect had 2.3 billion impressions and it was the target and unfortunately was taken down by the Spark AR team without any consideration of the other party (me).

I want this effect back as it's such elongation for these things to happen to any creator.

I can't express how I'm feeling right now, and I'm waiting for Spark AR Team to bring justice to this case. And to hopefully these actions not happening again without being fully clear about the situation.
Asked about 6 months ago by Violetta
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    • Roberto 647 answers
      Hi Violetta,

      Have you checked emails for correspondence from the IP Team?

      if not, I'll follow up with this case. Thanks
      • Hey Roberto,

        I don't think I have received an email from the team.
        Yes, please.

        Thanks. (Just clarifying my email is
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        Posted about 6 months ago by Violetta
      • Let me know if you send a email, so I will make sure to see it
        Posted about 6 months ago by Violetta
      • Hello?
        Posted about 6 months ago by Violetta