V115 really buggy *shaders/render passes

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After updating to v115 and opening my project from just the previous version i have received various nonsense errors on the play button.

One was: "component input port is bound to a component with identifier .... doesnt exist"

*** The image attached happened when i simply reset a texture...

Another was: "Unknown port: out0"

The third was something about texture2d_4ch receiving a vec2.

After rebuilding my patch some of these would disappear, sometimes i had to quit and restart the application.

I am doing some more advanced stuff with shaders and render passes, but this was all working fine on v114.

Additionally i noticed that making changes to textures the preview would not update.

Also when editing shaders and saving i got the Unknown port: out0 error.

I cannot even find the v115 changelog online to check what is different to see if I need to update something. To me this release quite buggy... hopefully this will help someone in the core team work fix this...
Asked about 8 months ago by Andrew
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    • Roberto 764 answers
      Hi Andrew, sorry about that

      the changelog page is located here: https://sparkar.facebook.com/ar-studio/learn/changelog

      Can I ask you to open a bug on Studio?

      • Im currently in the middle of a project so it might be difficult to test but i would be happy to do so when i have a moment. Where do I submit a bug? From within Spark AR Studio?
        Posted about 8 months ago by Andrew
      • Hi,

        To report a bug in Spark AR Studio:
        1. Open Spark AR Studio.
        2. Click Help in the Menu bar.
        3. Select Report Problem.

        When you're reporting the bug, make sure:

        - The title is clear and explains what has happened. For example: “Mirroring: Can't mirror from iOS device”.
        - You've clearly explained the error and how to reproduce it.
        - You've included screenshots, if possible.
        - You've attached a file, if relevant.
        See more
        Posted about 8 months ago by Roberto
      • I am also experiencing this issue and have reported it, currently blocked on this. Hoping to revert my project back to v114 in the meantime. Please fix this!
        Posted about 8 months ago by Amesh