Compile errors when following API documentation

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Reactive Programming

I'm trying to follow some of the documentation, but constantly running into different issues. I understand there are big changes from v85+, deprecating a lot of functionality but I'm not sure which parts of the API documentation have and haven't been updated to match.

In particular, trying to run asynchronous lambda functions, subscriptions and other data structures seem to be different from what the API details.

IE, after replicating the example given, creating a subscription results in the following error:
Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: undefined is not a function

I've tried lambda functions, inline functions, predefined functions - none of which seem to work.

I assume there are ways to make this work on the current version but I haven't had any luck figuring it out or finding any existing solutions.


On another note, I've also been looking for resources to learn more about the API both on this forum and other sites. It seems like the scripting side of things is relatively unexplored (post v85) in the community compared to patches, which so far work great but fundamentally seem limited in comparison (or could drastically be utilized far more effectively in conjunction with scripts!). If anyone has additional resources for learning more about the scripting pipeline I would love to learn more!
Asked about 3 months ago by Svr
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