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Hello our effect was accepted the first time and then broke due to an Instagram app update. We were able to update the script so it worked again but when we go to publish it is now being rejected for a 1.4.a text issue when our effect does not contain text. There are images with text that are attached to moving objects which is allowed and was not an issue when we first published the effect. Please let me know how we can solve this problem so we can move forward!

The effect ID is 101205681805570
broken link since effect has been rejected -
newly submitted link -
Asked about 5 months ago by Sarah
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    • Roberto 646 answers
      Hi Sarah,

      There is static text on the filter. That's why it got rejected.
      • Hey Roberto thanks for the review, we are still a bit confused because the text is attached to the machine which is a moving object that moves out of frame when... you select an item in the machine. It had originally been accepted. in the 1.4.a policy it mentions that if 'The text is integrated into a 3D object in the scene that uses world tracking' it is accepted. Is there a way to move forward with it as it is or we need to remove all text on the machine? See more
        Posted about 5 months ago by Sarah