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Hi guys, does someone managed to get the SparkAR Extension Debugger to work on VS Code? It does nothing for me when I select the SparkAR debugger so to start a new debugging session. The extension is already enabled and linked to SparkAR Studio.

Maybe it's something related to incompatible versions of the extension and VS Code? I'm using what I think it's the latest version of the extension (the one linked on the Spark VS Code Extension doc, v1.2.0), and the latest version of VS Code (v1.58.2).

Any ideas?

Asked about 4 months ago by Matias
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    • Roberto 647 answers

      To report a bug in Spark AR Studio:

      1. Open Spark AR Studio.
      2. Click Help in the Menu bar.
      3. Select Report Problem.

      When you're reporting the bug, make sure:

      - The title is clear and explains what has happened. For example: “Mirroring: Can't mirror from iOS device”.
      - You've clearly explained the error and how to reproduce it.
      - You've included screenshots, if possible.
      - You've attached a file, if relevant.