Which Are You Filter - Not Random

I followed a video that shows how to make the "Which Are You" filter but the result as well as the order that the options appear are random. I tried everything so far to make it not random but a new problem appeared, now I can't make the "reset" function on loop animation to work. Once the person hold the video button, the animation is not at the first frame.

Basically, what do I need to do so it's not random? I want to have 1 plane with the question appearing constantly until the person hold video and as soon as that happens, I want to play the animation with all the options, finishing with the last frame of the animation (almost like if it was a slide show).

Just so you guys know what I'm trying to do (might be easier to help): I'm trying to make a filter for my fiancé to send to her bridesmaids. The first plane show be a bubble with the phrase "What type of friend are you?" and as soon as her friends hold the video, a set of related images (also inside the bubble on top of the the person head) start to show with phrases like Silly, party animal, nerdy, crazy and the 2 last ones in which she actually asks the person to be her bridesmaid.
Asked about 6 months ago by Felipe
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