Can someone please explain how pinning works

So can anyone please explain how pinning works? I just don't get it
Asked about 4 months ago by Aryan
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    • Arthur 29 answers
      Aryan, this is a somewhat simple but long topic.
      The best way to really get the grasp of it is to open up Spark AR, create some 2d and 3d objects and mess a little bit around.

      Let's start by splitting some concepts first.
      You have to understand that Spark AR works with two different positioning systems: Camera Space - a.k.a. screen space - and the World Space.

      The camera space is very simple:
      Since v95 the origin of the screen's coordinate system and 2d objects is the top left corner, with the Y axis pointing down.
      The pinning has to do with the positioning of the object on different screen sizes.
      The inspector was redesigned in the v97 to make it more comprehensive to edit and transform 2d objects.
      If you hover the pinning points with your mouse, a little animation will show where it will be positioned on different screen sizes.
      Make different pinning setups (all sides, middle, top and botom, left and right, bottom and left, etc etc...) to see how the animation changes.
      This animation alone saves a ton of writing here, go check it out.

      I am not going to talk about anchor points on 3d objects and world space since I believe your question was related to the first topic and because that's a much longer subject.

      Like I said in the begining, understanding those concepts are easier after trial and error.
      You can read forum posts, all the facebook documentation, watch youtube videos but, even if those things are great for learning, nothing compares to try it by yourself. GL
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