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My effect has been rejected 8+ times with no explanation. The effect is 'promoting the use of marijuana, alcohol and pharm drugs' ...except that it's not.

There is ZERO mention of ANY of those things. It is jokes about parenting.

PLEASE give me specific reasons why this is not being accepted, I have 2 days before the launch of this game and this filter was supposed to be a simple way to compliment the launch, but has turned into a massive headache and waste of resources and expenses because of the lack of detail and information provided by Facebook.
Asked about 3 months ago by Caryn
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    • Roberto 316 answers
      Hi Caryn,

      Can you please share effect id (please see screenshot attached how to check effect id)?
      • I have the same issue! We are launching an event but Facebook keeps rejecting our filter because of adult content and promotion of drugs which simply isn't there.
        Posted about 3 months ago by Martina