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Approval Process
Hi! have any of you had issues with the Spark review bots mistaking something for a logo that isn't? I made a client effect that featured their product, but with 0 logos on the imagery and 0 logos in the file and it got rejected.

Reached out to the Spark team over Dm about this discrepancy and they responded over a week later with a default response about the logo policy, but didn't acknowledge that there are no logos in the effect and the visuals were being misidentified.

The approvals process hits a HUGE road block when something is misinterpreted, and theres almost no way to reach out to the team to get things remedied, which at this point and with this platform so far along in development (and with things like this forum being built out and given time and attention) seems like a huge oversight.
Asked about 5 months ago by Alexis
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