Importing rigged/animated 3D model into Spark

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I'm trying to export a rigged character I made in Maya as an FBX with animation into Spark AR.

I’ve tried exporting the whole rig, and increasingly consolidating it through baking keys to the joints, to the Geo, and even caching the geo. But it all seems to fail! Spark appears to need a skeletal rig to target the animation to (just exporting the baked geo keys as an FBX didn’t animate), however upon importing any version of my rig (with bones) into Spark, it breaks/crazy deformations - the arms are like all broken and inverted and the jaw is super tiny below the body.

The character will import by itself if I delete all the joints and everything besides the Mesh - The joints just seem to break everything. The triangle count is fine, and otherwise I don't see why it's not working.
Is there a key factor in bringing rigged models into Spark/AR that I'm missing?
Asked about 6 months ago by Jacob
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