I can’t preview my effect in Spark AR Player. What should I do?

Mirroring and Spark AR Player
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Spark AR Team
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      If you're having trouble previewing your effect with Spark AR Player, make sure:

      1. You have the latest versions of both Spark AR Studio and Spark AR Player. If the tool and the app versions are incompatible, you won't be able to mirror your effect.
      2. Your device is connected to your computer via USB cable correctly.
      3. You've clicked Send in the toolbar under Send to Connected Device .
      • the demos of fixed target are not working in version 98, 97, 95 and 90, tryed averything and i have no clue what is the problem, i need to finishi my filter and i cant preview correctly, thanks in advance
        Posted about 3 weeks ago by Ariel