My effect is not being accepted because it supposedly promotes alcohol

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My effect is being rejected because it supposedly promotes alcohol and pharmaceuticals, but it actually just shows logos and icons of the brand which delivers varios products.
Asked about 4 months ago by Isabela
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    • Spark AR Team

      Are you able to share more information about your effect please?

      Typically, an effect is rejected because it didn't meet our approval policies. Please take a look at our policies before resubmitting the effect:

      Here are some common reasons effects are rejected, and what to do next:

      - Static text - text must appear as a natural part of the effect. Text must be integrated into the scene of the effect, must not be excessive, and must not prompt people to navigate away from the effect.
      - Demo video wasn't captured in the Instagram camera - take a look at the other requirements and recommendations for making sure your demo video gets approved.
      - Custom instructions - make sure you've added instructions correctly.
      • I have the same issue and as the person stated before it's not static text, not the demo video, not the custom instructions - Spark is recognising sexual conten...t and promotion of substances which aren't there. We wanted to use Spark AR to promote an artist community and the digital gallery filter was supposed to get promoted through television and media outlets, but for now it looks like we will have to cancel everything because your algorithm is making up things. See More
        Posted about 3 months ago by Martina