Editable text(currently only supported on Facebook) not working on iOS devices!

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I am working on a project with editable text functionality. I am aware that this functionality is only supported by the Facebook camera right now and so I have removed Instagram as a platform in the project's capabilities. The functionality is working as intended for Android devices. However, on testing, the feature doesn't seem to work on the Facebook camera of any iOS device (have tried 5 so far). Is this a known issue? Editable text simply disappears on tap, rather than opening up the keyboard.
Asked about 5 months ago by Amit
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    • Roberto 786 answers

      To report a bug in Spark AR Studio:

      1. Open Spark AR Studio.
      2. Click Help in the Menu bar.
      3. Select Report Problem.

      When you're reporting the bug, make sure:

      - The title is clear and explains what has happened. For example: “Mirroring: Can't mirror from iOS device”.
      - You've clearly explained the error and how to reproduce it.
      - You've included screenshots, if possible.
      - You've attached a file, if relevant.