Problem of a client to find / add me as creator to publish. Why/How can I do it?

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One of my clients is trying to add me as creator to submit his filters, but looking for my business name page he can't find me (he finds only the personal account). How is it possible? Does this happen to anybody? How did you solve it? Other clients added me without problems... Please help me!
Asked about 7 months ago by Veronica
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    • Roberto 647 answers
      Hi Veronica,

      Have you logged in with your business account? "Only people who have logged into Spark AR Studio or Spark AR Hub at least once will appear in this search."

      You mentioned that other clients did add you successfully, but I want to make sure.

      To invite someone to be a collaborator on your effect:

      From your Spark AR Hub homepage, click on the effect you would like to add collaborators to.
      > Click the Visibility tab at the top of the effect’s dashboard.
      > Click Add Collaborator.
      > Search for their name — either the name from their Facebook account or their Facebook username — and click Confirm.
      • Hi Roberto, sorry but the filter wouldn't be mine but directly his. How can I publish a filter with my account and then add him as collaborator if the filter is not mine. Sorry But I'm not understanding.
        Posted about 6 months ago by Veronica
      • Ciao Roberto,

        in aggiunta ho creato un altro filtro due giorni fa, e il cliente non ha avuto nessun tipo di problema ad aggiungermi come creator. Detto questo, ne ho approfittato per richiedere all'altro cliente di riprovare, e lui nulla, non mi vede proprio.... Strano vero????
        Posted about 6 months ago by Veronica