Can I share with someone my filter to try it on their device, before publishing?

Mirroring and Spark AR Player
I would like to share my filter with someone to test it on their device. Is there a way to do that? Does the 'send to app' or AR player works remotely? Should the other person download something on their devices? Or the only way to do that is to upload for approval and possibly in the meanwhile is it possible to share the filter?
Asked about a month ago by Kyriaki
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    • Dan 12 answers
      Hi Kyriaki, yes, you can share your filter with someone else before publishing. If you upload your effect in AR hub, you should see a test on device button in the top right corner. If you hit this then that will give you a dialog box with a link you can use to share the effect with others. Note, you don't need to submit/publish the filter to do this.
      • Thank you! It worked perfectly.
        Posted about 3 weeks ago by Kyriaki