How can I sync an audio to an animation sequence?

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Hi y'all,

I wonder how I can SYNC an audio file to an animation sequence?

Basically, I made an animation sequence that is strongly connected to music playing in the background, so it needs to be in sync. Both the animation sequence and the m4a-file have exactly the same length. But when I simulate the filter on my phone it turns out that the animation and the audio do not start at the same moment - so as a result there is a disconnect.

How can I change this? I find a lot of tutorials on how to connect audio to interaction or tap - but I can't find any resource on how to connect/sync audio and animation sequence (so to say, link the audio to an internal trigger, not an external one)?

I'm so thankful for any advise! :-)

Greetings from Germany,
Asked about 5 months ago by Sarah
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