Can't update an existing filter "Unknown error ocurred"

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Hi - I'm trying to update a filter that I had because I change my instagram account linked to my facebook account (my previous account was deleted). So the only change I do is the "editor" which is now my actual instagram account but when I want to publish it this appears "an unknown error has occurred while processing this request. Please try again later."

Interestingly this doesn't happen when I try to publish a new filter.

Please I need help, thank you.
Asked about 2 months ago by Vicente
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    • Roberto 486 answers

      To report a bug in Spark AR Hub:

      1. Open Spark AR Hub:
      2. Click the gear icon in the Menu bar.
      3. Select Report a Problem.

      When you're reporting a bug, make sure:

      - The title is clear and explains what happened. For example, “Test link: Effect not loading on iPhone 6”.
      - You've included the Effect ID.- You've mentioned whether your effect is in draft, review or published.
      - If it's an issue with loading the effect on a device, that you've specified the device type, User ID and the approximate date and time that you encountered the problem.
      - If your problem is with either the test link or share link, please specify which.