How do I report a bug in Spark AR Studio?

Bugs in Spark AR Studio
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      To report a bug in Spark AR Studio:

      1. Open Spark AR Studio.
      2. Click Help in the Menu bar.
      3. Select Report Problem.

      You can also click the bug button in the Menu bar.

      When you're reporting the bug, make sure:

      1. The title is clear and explains what has happened. For example: “Mirroring: Can't mirror from iOS device”.
      2. Studio Version.
      3. OS: Windows / macOS / Android / iOS / Other
      4. Best to attach your project files.
      5. Expected Result & Actual Result.
      6. You've included screenshots, if possible.

      • I have problem to login. i can't report, because i can't login.
        Posted about 5 months ago by Plínio
      • The issue with my Spark AR is that the menu doesn´t appear in the toolber so I cannot access the ´help´tab. How can I report a bug issue?
        Posted about 5 months ago by Sara