How to create copies of objects on tap?

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I would like that new copies of the same object appear when a user taps the screen. How do I instantiate objects?

I am using the World AR template, so now one object appears when a user taps the screen, and if they tap again the object appears where they have tapped.

I would like that the first object remains where it was placed, and every time they tap a new copy of the object appears.
Asked about 4 months ago by Lucia
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    • Davide 12 answers
      Hi Lucia,
      Currently (in v91), you can't dynamically instantiate objects in Spark AR Studio. A possible workaround is to make duplicates and hide them; you can then place and turn visibility on and play the animation (if you have one) on tap.
      In the World Object, 2D or 3D Stickers template we use "Screen Tap" to initialise the planeTracker as well as place the object.
      In your use case, you need to override this logic and replace it, for example, with "Screen Long Press", be mindful that using this interaction pattern may not be typical for all users so make sure you are planning to add instructions to your effect.
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