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Hi, I didn't know at first that I could assign my effects to a Facebook Page and Instagram Business Account. And since I already published the effect and it has already been approved, I learned that I could edit the Permissions Group and add myself as an AR Manager to my Facebook Page. Now, when I tried to do that and clicked the "Add" button, it just loaded and loaded but didn't actually create the group. I tried adding another Page Admin as an AR Manager but it still didn't work. This also meant that the effect that I already published remained associated to my personal account and not with my Facebook and Instagram Business Page. Please help.
Asked about 2 months ago by Franzee
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    • Dhwaj 5 answers
      Hi Franzee, Admins of a page cannot be added in the permission group of that page because they already have access to that page.

      Also, once an effect has been published, you cannot change the owner, which means that if you have published an effect on your profile, it cannot be associated with the Facebook Page. If you want to do that, you would have to publish that effect once more on the Facebook page.