12 Spooky AR Effects to Try This Halloween

By: Spark AR Team
October 31, 2019
Spark AR

12 Spooky AR Effects to Try This Halloween

By: Spark AR Team
October 31, 2019

Halloween is upon us, and to celebrate the spookiest night of the year, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite frightening effects on Instagram. Give them a try!

Facial Octopus filter

Facial Octopus

There’s something incredibly intriguing about this face-invading mollusk. Especially the way the user’s eye, nose and mouth are creepily displaced.

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Open Face filter

Open Face

This face-splitting effect opens up the middle to reveal the untold horrors below. Terrifying? Yes. Impressive work? Absolutely.

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Bubz filter


Go ahead, try it out. See how long you can tolerate this bubbly effect, slowly smothering your air supply. OK, that’s enough, get it off, get it off!

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Plague Doctor filter

Plague Doctor

Got chronic bubonic? We’re sorry, AR effects probably won’t help. But this beautifully-rendered plague doctor mask is still pretty fun and freaky.

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Cyborg Spike filter


True to its name, this effect turns you into a multi-colored techno demon, combining spooky cyborg features with unsettling rippling spikes.

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FingerEyes filter

@oleg.pashkovsky  @luqmnashaari

Beautifully simple, yet utterly terrifying. This skin-crawling effect will totally ruin the act of looking into the eyes of someone you love this Halloween.

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Eye Stretch filter

Eye Stretch

If there was ever a torture device made for someone’s eyeballs, this effect is probably about as close to that as you’ll want to get.

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Princess filter


The wiggling cheek tendrils are what tips this effect over from masquerade mask into H.R. Geiger’s dream party attire.

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Null filter

@wipaweeeeee  @_evapeng

Imagine opening the door to a trick’or’treater and seeing someone with a face...held together by a chain.

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Glitch filter


Proving that spooky doesn’t need to be supernatural, this effect twists your face, and possibly your stomach too.

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Haunted TV filter

Haunted TV

Sure, you can try to change the channel, but it’s always the same creepy show. Maybe it’s time to read a book.

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Creepy Clown filter

Creepy Clown

Because this blog post would really be incomplete without a classic from a master of face effect freight!

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If this collection of spooky effects inspires you to create something of your own, head over to the Spark AR Learning Center where you watch our video tutorials, including creating a face tracking effect and using lights. Or check out the Spark AR Community to see more examples of effects creators are sharing.

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