Remix Reality

How augmented reality is bringing new dimensions to life

People live for expression

Every day, we share different parts of our lives with each other. What we each choose to express may take different shapes, but the underlying desire to share and show how we perceive ourselves and the world around us is strong — and augmented reality will only heighten and enrich this sharing experience.

AR brings new depth to perception

Augmented reality allows us to create content that includes new layers of context, meaning, and emotion. It delivers experiences that blur the lines between the head and the heart. It builds bridges between the here-and-now. It helps us see the world in greater depth, and gives us new ways to reveal our authentic selves.

AR technology unlocks our ability to share more of the richness of life with each other.

This is just the beginning

While AR is just getting started, we’re already seeing a global community of developers and creators pioneering new experiences. They are connecting the dots between different types of information—sights, sounds, spaces, surfaces, human knowledge, real-time data, emotions, and beliefs. They are remixing reality in search of new spectrums of meaning, authenticity, and possibility.

It's time to step into the unknown

Spark AR exists to serve this community—by developing the technology, tools, and know-how to expand and deepen the possibilities for connection. On our platform, developers and creators can bravely step into the unknown to imagine new fusions of information and meaning. They can open the doors to innovative forms of expression, entertainment, productivity, and commerce. And while the reality may be augmented, the emotions these experiences bring to life are undeniably real.

Person with red and blue filter applied to their face


Expanding the language of expression

The quality of our connections is directly related to how much we feel seen and understood. AR can unlock new dimensions for expressing what we’re thinking and feeling, sharing what we know, and spreading our passions. We’ll soon start to see how email, text messaging, video experiences, and more can be remixed to deliver reinvented formats for online connection. By giving us more meaningful ways to express ourselves, AR can bring us closer together no matter where we are.

Animated whale placed in city through augmented reality


Pioneering new mediums in entertainment

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives feel more magical, alive, and vivid. AR puts us at the center of new entertainment experiences in which the world we live in serves as the backdrop for journeys into the imagination. Our physical connection with movies, shows, music, games, and more can deliver greater depth, detail, and texture. We’ll see entertainment become more personal and capable of bringing a fresh sense of wonder to the world we live in.

Person interacting with touch screen display


Making mobile more useful, and more wonderful

We live in a world filled with friction. Augmented reality experiences on our mobile devices give us the opportunity to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a task. Apps and experiences become intuitive when they’re connected to the details of our location, environment, mood, and goals, which can help us make better decisions, schedule time, and effortlessly move from one task to the next. Augmented reality can make the tasks we undertake today feel less monotonous, and halfway accomplished before we even get started.

Person with lip filter applied to face and various color options


Taking the guesswork out of shopping

The most gratifying shopping decisions are the ones we don’t second-guess. Augmented reality creates new ways for people to explore products, try them out, or see how they fit into their homes or lives—before the final transaction. By eliminating steps in the buying journey while at the same time making shoppers feel more confident, AR can reinvent the ways we shop. This is the start of something big.

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