Previewing and Testing Effects

In this tutorial we'll look at the different ways to preview and test projects in Spark AR Studio.

To get started, open a saved project. You can use our sample content if you like.

The Simulator

As you're building an effect, the Simulator will show how it would look on a device.

You can click the dropdown at the top of the Simulator to change which device it represents:

Sending your effect to Facebook or Instagram

To see how an effect looks when it's being used in the camera, you can send it the Facebook or Instagram camera.

Click the device icon in the toolbar, and select Send to App:

Next to either Facebook Camera or Instagram Camera, click Send.

You'll get a notification, inviting you to try the effect in the camera.

Using Spark AR Player app

Use the Spark AR Player app to:

  • Mirror an effect to a connected device.
  • Test the performance of an effect.
  • View previous versions of effects.

It's a good idea to test an effect on as many types of device as you can using Spark AR Player before uploading it to Spark Hub.

Learn more about using Spark AR Player, including troubleshooting tips, in this article.

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