Spark AR Competitions

Spark AR Competitions give you the chance to connect with the Spark AR community and turn your creativity into cash prizes. Entrants submit effects inspired by a specific theme or idea, and then earn points based on the number of opens and shares the effects receive. At the end of the competition, effects from the 300 highest scoring participants will be judged by a panel of experts.

Remember, a large audience of followers will only get you so far in our competitions — points are mostly awarded based on the ratio of shares to opens. Making your effect unique, engaging and shareable is the key to success. Good luck!

Holiday Spark Challenge

For this competition, we’re asking you to submit AR effects inspired by holiday festivities. How you interpret that is up to you — whether that means sleigh bells, menorahs, holiday lights or whatever else gets you in the holiday mood.

You’ll need to use at least one of the exclusive Holiday Spark assets in your effect.

The Holiday Spark Challenge runs between December 7 and December 21, 2021. Once the competition has started, you can join by visiting Competitions in Spark AR Hub.


For this competition, your effect must contain at least one of the provided competition assets. Once you’ve signed up, competition assets will be available for you to download from AR Library in Spark AR Studio. Search for Holiday Spark:

All competition assets will be available as soon as the competition starts on 7 December.

All submitted effects must comply with Spark AR Policies and the competition rules, including:

  • Effects must use one or more of the Holiday Spark 3D assets.
  • The competition assets must be clearly recognizable in the effect and demo video.
  • You must enter the competition with a personal account. Pages and business accounts are not eligible to take part or receive prizes.

The competition assets must not be modified using other software or exported from Spark AR Studio, even if they are then reimported without any modifications. However, it’s OK to:

  • Scale or rotate the assets.
  • Add animations to the assets, as long as the 3D asset can be clearly identified in the demo video.
  • Modify the textures and materials of the assets.
  • Hide parts of the assets as part of a transition or animation, as long as the original asset is still clearly recognisable.
  • Slightly alter the shape of the assets. However, the 3D assets should still be clearly recognizable.

There are also rules regarding how you can and can’t promote your effects:

  • Offering any kind of incentives (money, gifts, objects, items, visibility, opportunities) in exchange for engagement is specifically forbidden.
  • Spamming is not allowed. This means you should not be artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, posting repetitive comments or content at a high frequency, or repeatedly contacting people without their consent
  • Teams are allowed to participate, but one person per team must act as the team lead and the team’s effect must be published from their account. If the team submits multiple effects, the same account must be used for all submissions. If a team wins, the prize will be sent to the owner of the account who has published the winning effect(s) and they will be responsible for distributing any prize money among team members.
  • Entrants may not publish the same effect to multiple accounts.

Download a copy of the Official Rules.

Submit your effect

While publishing your effect in Spark AR Hub, you’ll see an option to submit your effect to the competition. Enable Competition Entry and continue to publish your effect as usual. You can submit as many effects as you like.

The sooner you submit an effect, the sooner it can be reviewed and published. Reviews can take up to five days and your effect will not earn points until it has been approved. If you submit your effect too late, it may not be published before the competition ends.

Update your effects

To keep the competition fair, effects can’t be updated after they’re entered. If you want to make changes to an effect, you’ll need to publish a new version.

Entrants are not allowed to change the visibility of their entries throughout the competition, and until 30 days after the competition ends. The option to change the visibility of your competition effects will be disabled during this time.

Earn points

Effects earn points based on the unique opens and shares they receive each day. Your highest-scoring effect each day determines your score for that day.

  • Effects get 1 point the first time a unique user opens them in the Instagram or Facebook camera.
  • Effects get 10 points the first time a unique user shares them in a story, post, or reel.

Up to 100 points can be earned in this way each day.

On days where your effect has accumulated at least 100 opens and 10 shares, the way you’re awarded points will change:

  • Your effect will be awarded points based on its ratio of shares to opens on that day.
  • If your effect was shared 50 times and opened 200 times, your ratio would 50/200 (1/4, or 25%).
  • Your ratio, expressed as a percentage, is then multiplied by 100. In the above example, the effect would have earned 2500 points for the day (25*100).

The following activities won’t count towards point calculation:

  • Shares to direct messages.
  • Shares to close friends lists.
  • Opens and shares from accounts that our internal systems flag as fake or bots.
  • Opens and shares from accounts created less than 30 days ago.

The best way to win points is to create shareable, eye-catching effects and promote them to your followers.

See your rank

From the Spark AR Hub homepage, click Competitions to see:

  • Your current overall and daily competition ranking.
  • The number of points that you’ve earned during the competition.
  • The number of effects that you’ve had accepted into the competition. This includes all effects that have been submitted and approved, even if they didn’t earn any points or were later removed.

You can also see the current leaderboards and browse effects that have been submitted by leading creators. These leaderboards are used to determine overall competition rank.

Note: Points take up to 24 hours to calculate and appear on the leaderboard.

Win prizes

At the end of the competition, the leaderboard winners will receive:

  • 1st - 100th place — $750 USD
  • 101st - 200th place — $500 USD
  • 201st - 300th place — $250 USD

The top 300 highest scoring entrants will be entered into the running for our Panel’s Choice prizes, where their highest scoring effect will be judged. The top 100 effects, as chosen by our panel of judges, will win the following prizes:

  • 1st place — $50,000 USD
  • 2nd place — $25,000 USD
  • 3rd place — $15,000 USD
  • 4th - 5th place — $7,500 USD
  • 6th - 10th place — $5,000 USD
  • 11th - 20th place — $2,000 USD
  • 21st - 100th place — $1,000 USD

For these prizes, the panel will score effects for:

  • Craftsmanship: technical achievements, capabilities used, ability to take advantage of the platform
  • Originality: uniqueness, difference from other submissions
  • Creativity: creativity of elements used to create the effect
  • Theme: how well the effect makes use of the Holiday Spark theme

The winners will be confirmed after being checked for eligibility per the Official Rules. We’ll let you know if you’ve won.


Do I need to be a resident of an eligible country to take part?

Yes. The competition is open worldwide, with the exception of Quebec (Canada), Crimea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, China, and Syria and any other countries under trade sanctions with the US.

I have a Spark AR business account. Can I participate in the competition?

No. Only individual and personal accounts can enter the competition.

How do I submit effects to the competition?

After you’ve joined the competition, select Competition Entry while publishing your effect.

Can I submit effects I've already published?

Yes. However, you’ll need to publish the effect again and select Competition Entry on the publishing form. If the effect is identical to your existing version, you may see a warning when you submit it. Note that publishing the effect again won’t update the previous version. Instead, you’ll have two published versions of the same effect, with separate metrics.

Can I submit more than one effect?

Yes - you can submit as many effects as you like and there’s no downside in doing this. However, you only earn points for your highest-scoring effect each day.

You don’t get extra points just for publishing more effects. But because each effect creates a new chance to earn points, submitting more effects can improve your chances of winning.

Does it matter if I don't have many followers?

You can succeed in Spark AR Competitions without having a large following.

In the first Spark AR competition, one participant in the top 20 had fewer than 100 followers, and three participants had between 100 and 1000 followers. Only three participants had more than 100k followers.

Can I use guns or other weapons in my competition effect?

No, weapons aren’t allowed under the Spark AR Policies (policy 3.3.a).

How do I get the competition assets?

Once you’ve signed up for the competition, competition assets will be available for you to download from Asset Library in Spark AR Studio. Search for Holiday Spark.

Do I have to use the assets in my competition effects?

Yes. Your effect must contain at least one of the provided Holiday Spark assets. The Holiday Spark assets must be recognizable in the effect and demo video, and the shape of the Holiday Spark assets can’t be changed beyond small adjustments in Spark AR Studio.

I have shared my effect yesterday and received many opens and shares, but I don't have any points yet. Why?

Points are calculated each day at 12:00AM Pacific Time. After that, it takes an hour or two for the Competitions page to be updated with the latest points and leaderboard results.

When does the competition start?

The competition starts at 00:00:01 on December 7, Pacific Time.

When does the competition end?

The competition ends at 23:59:59 on December 21, Pacific Time.

When are Panel’s Choice winners announced?

Winners will be announced on or around January 21, 2022.

When will I know if I won? How will I be contacted?

If you win, our partner Enteractive Solutions Group will contact you at the email address provided in your Facebook profile.

Official Rules

NO PURCH. NECESSARY TO ENTER/WIN. A PURCH. WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Submit a Spark AR Effect between 00:00:01 AM USPT on 7 December 2021 and 23:59:59 PM PT on 21 December 2021. Open only to natural persons who: (i) are 18+ and age of majority, (ii) are not domiciled in Quebec (CA), Crimea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, China, or Syria, or located in a country under any trade or economic sanction or on any program or country list designated by the USA Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, or where the laws of the USA or local law prohibit participation or receiving a prize in any contest, and (iii) have an active, valid and personal account with Spark AR and Facebook and/or Instagram. Facebook/Instagram accounts must be at least 30 days old. Void where prohibited by law. Subject to Full OFFICIAL RULES. Approximate Retail Value of all Prizes: $380,000.00 USD. Sponsor: Meta Platforms, Inc. 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025

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