SceneModule Overview
SceneModule Overview


The PlanarText class describes text on a plane.

Inherits From : PlanarObject


// The following example demonstrates how to modify various properties of
// the 2D text (Planar Text)
// Project setup:
// - Insert a 2D Text Scene Object inside a Canvas under Focal Distance

// Load in the required modules
const Scene = require('Scene');
const Materials = require('Materials');
const Reactive = require('Reactive');

(async function () {  // Enables async/await in JS [part 1]

  // Locate the scene element that contains the 2D Text (planar text)
  const text2D = await Scene.root.findFirst('2dText0');

  // Edit text
  text2D.text = "Hello World";

  // Set the font size
  text2D.fontSize = 36;

  // Specifies if the text is scaled to fit the container
  text2D.scaleToFit = false;

  // Set the max lines,
  text2D.maxLines = 2;

  // Set text spacing - additional distance between letters
  text2D.tracking = -1;

  // Set line spacing - between baselines in the text
  text2D.leading = 0;

  // Set the text alignment
  text2D.alignment.horizontal = Scene.TextAlignment.LEFT;
  text2D.alignment.vertical = Scene.VerticalTextAlignment.TOP;

  // Create a default material with red diffuse color
  const defaultMaterial = await Materials.create("DefaultMaterial", {
    "name": "Default Material",
    "blendMode": "ALPHA",
    "opacity": 1.0,
    "diffuseColorFactor": Reactive.RGBA(1,0,0,1),

  // Set the above created material to the text
  text2D.material = defaultMaterial;

})(); // Enable async/await in JS [part 2]


(get) alignment: TextAlignmentWrapper
(set) (Not Available)

Represents the TextAlignmentWrapper that contains parameters that specify the text alignment.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) font: FontId | null

Sets the given font from the fonts registry.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) fontSize: number

Specifies the font size of the text.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) leading: number | null

Specifies the line spacing. This is the distance between the baselines in the text. If unspecified, spacing defaults to the font size.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) material: MaterialBase | null

Specifies the material of the scene object.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) maxLines: number | null

Specifies the maximum number of lines for the text. If unspecified (or zero), the number of lines is unrestricted.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) scaleToFit: boolean

Specifies if the text is scaled to fit the container.
(get) text: StringSignal
(set) text: StringSignal

Specifies the text displayed.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) tracking: number

Specifies the text spacing. This is the additional distance between letters. Default is zero. Can be negative.


getMaterial(): Promise<MaterialBase | null>

Returns a promise that is resolved with the material associated with a given scene object or null if no material was assigned.

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