NativeUIModule Overview
NativeUIModule Overview


Describes an object which controls the behavior of the NativeUI's picker.

Requires the Native UI Control > Picker capability within the project's Properties to be enabled.


// Update a material's diffuse texture with the item selected in the
// NativeUI picker
// Project setup:
// * One material: material0
// * Three textures: texture0, texture1, texture2
// * One plane with material0 set as its material
// Required project capabilities:
// * NativeUI > Picker

// Load in the required modules
const NativeUI = require('NativeUI');
const Materials = require('Materials');
const Textures = require('Textures');

(async function () {  // Enables async/await in JS [part 1]

    // Create a reference to the NativeUI's picker object
    const picker = NativeUI.picker;

    // Locate the material and textures in the project
    const [mat, tex0, tex1, tex2] = await Promise.all([

    // A JSON configuration for the picker object, with an initial index and
    // the items to include in the picker
    const configuration = {
      selectedIndex: 0,
      items: [
        {image_texture: tex0},
        {image_texture: tex1},
        {image_texture: tex2}

    // Configure the picker with the previously created configuration

    //Display the picker
    picker.visible = true;

    // Assign the first item from the configuration as the material's 
    // diffuse texture
    mat.diffuse = configuration.items[0].image_texture;

    // Update the material's diffuse texture with the currently selected item
    // in the picker
    picker.selectedIndex.monitor().subscribe(function(index) {
        mat.diffuse = configuration.items[index.newValue].image_texture;

})(); // Enables async/await in JS [part 2]


(get) selectedIndex: ScalarSignal
(set) selectedIndex: ScalarSignal

The index of the item currently selected in the picker.
(get) (Not Available)
(set) visible: BoolSignal | boolean

The visibility of the picker object, set via a boolean value.


configure(config: {items: Array<{id?: string, image_texture: ImageTexture | string, title?: string, tooltip?: string}>, selectedIndex?: number}): Promise<void>

Configures the parameters of the picker with the JSON configuration specified.
* config - The configuration to configure the picker object with.
The config JSON object can have the following fields:
* selectedIndex - an optional index of items to display as the initial item in the picker. Defaults to 0 if no value is specified.
* items - an array of uncompressed textures to display in the picker.

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