Reviews and Policy
The Acceptance Process

The Acceptance Process for Effects

Every effect you submit is reviewed to make sure it meets:

  1. Spark AR Policies.
  2. The Facebook Community Standards or Instagram Community Guidelines, depending on the platform you're publishing your effect to.

The estimated time to review effects is 5 days. See our tips to make sure your effects are accepted.

When effects become visible

If your effect is accepted, you'll be notified on Facebook and in Spark AR Hub. Depending on the destination you pick, your effect will then be publicly available through the app's camera.

Until the effect is accepted, it won't be visible to the public. However, you can share a link to the effect with your friends and followers.

If your effect is not accepted

If your effect is not accepted, we'll notify you and tell you which issues you need to resolve. Review the specific policy or policies that your effect does not meet in Spark AR Policies and either Community Standards or Community Guidelines. Then edit your effect in Spark AR Studio and re-submit the updated effect.

If your effect is rejected for something other than the file itself (example: for the icon or demo video), you won't be able to upload it directly from AR Studio when you revise and re-submit it. Instead, you'll need to export your revised effect from AR Studio and upload it through Spark AR Hub.

Sometimes an effect is initially accepted but a further review finds that it does not meet the Spark AR policies. In this instance, your effect will remain visible but you’ll need to update it within 10 days.

After 10 days

After the initial 10 days, if none of your updates have been successful or we're still reviewing your update, the effect will no longer be visible. The status of your effect will change to either:

  • Not Accepted — you'll need to continue to submit updates to your effect and we'll notify you once it's accepted and visible again.
  • In review — we're still reviewing your update and your effect will not be visible during this time.

If you’re having difficulty getting your effect accepted again, learn how to fix the most common rejection reasons.

If your issue is not listed, you can ask for guidance with your specific issue in the Spark AR Forum.

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