Adding your Instagram Account

Setting up Accounts for Testing and Effect Distribution on Instagram

To preview your effect in Instagram or attribute your published effect to an Instagram account, your Instagram account must be in the same Accounts Center as your Facebook account or Facebook Page. This Facebook account or Page is known as the owner.

When your Instagram account is in the same Accounts Center as the owner Facebook account or Page, it’s listed as an available publisher in Meta Spark Hub. The publisher you choose in Meta Spark Hub controls the effect attribution. This means the account that’s shown next to the published effect wherever it’s displayed, used or shared.

If there’s no Instagram account in the same Accounts Center as the effect Owner, you can’t select an Instagram account as the Publisher in Meta Spark Hub:

Adding an Instagram account to Accounts Center

To add your Instagram account to your Facebook account's Accounts Center:

  1. Log into your Instagram account using the Instagram app.
  2. In Settings, tap Accounts Center, then tap Set up Accounts Center.
  3. Tap Add Facebook account and either log in to or select the account that you want to connect.
  4. Tap Yes, finish setup.

Once your accounts are in the same Accounts Center, you can choose the Instagram account as the Publisher:

Connecting an Instagram account to your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook Page that you want to manage your effects, you can make this Page the effect owner. You do this by linking the Page to your Instagram account. This way all the Facebook Page admins and editors are able to access the effect's settings.

To connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page, follow these steps in the Facebook Help Center.

Once your Page is connected to your Instagram account, you can choose the Instagram account that’s connected to your Facebook Page as the Publisher. In Meta Spark Hub, make sure that your Page is selected as the Owner in the dropdown menu.

Frequently Asked Questions on Account Linking and Ownership

How do I link more than one Instagram account to an effect?

Both effect owners and AR managers can invite the people who helped create an effect to be listed as collaborators. This ensures that everyone involved gets a chance to be credited for their work.

My Instagram and Facebook account are in the same Accounts Center. Why isn't the Instagram account showing up in Meta Spark Hub as a publisher option?

If your Instagram account isn’t showing, make sure you select the correct owner (Facebook account or Page) on the top right of the Meta Spark Hub home page. If there are several owners listed in the dropdown, make sure you select the correct one when you login, i.e the one that is associated with your Instagram account.

If I don’t have a Facebook account, can I use my Instagram to log in instead?

No, you must have a Facebook account to use Meta Spark and Meta Spark Hub.

How do I publish or manage an effect for a client or brand without having access to their Facebook account?

Ask the client to add you to a permissions group for their Facebook Page. The people added to this group are known as AR managers. AR managers can publish and manage the Page's effects using Meta Spark Hub.

If I have multiple Instagram accounts, how do I choose which Instagram account to send my test filter to?

In Meta Spark Hub, when you’re uploading your effect, click Save and then Test on Device in the top left. This action generates a test link. Open the link in the Instagram account of your choice or send to a friend’s Instagram account.

How do I hide published effects from my linked Instagram account?

During publishing, select the toggle underneath the Hide effect on this Instagram profile heading to hide an effect from your profile’s AR effects tab:

When toggled on, the effect will not appear on your Instagram profile's AR effects tab.

To update existing effects in Meta Spark Hub:

  1. Click Effects in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the name of the effect you want to change.
  3. Click Visibility or Details.
  4. Navigate to Platforms, and toggle on Hide effect on this Instagram profile.