Publishing Effects for Facebook Ads

Publishing Effects for Facebook Ads

If you're working with an advertiser to create Augmented Reality Ads, you can submit effects to be used by the advertiser. Only Pages linked to those ad accounts will be able to upload ad effects.

If you're an advertiser who'd like to use Augmented Reality Ads for Facebook, please visit the Ads Help Center for more information.

Once you've submitted the effect, it'll be reviewed to make sure it meets Spark AR review policies.

After it's been approved, it'll be available for the advertiser in Ads Manager. It will only be available to the public when the advertiser has added it to a live campaign.

User interface for effects with multiple options

If you're submitting an effect with multiple options (examples: makeup effects, effects with multiple environments), you'll need to use our native UI picker.

Getting permission to publish effects

Before you can submit your effect, the advertiser you're working with has to give you permission to upload effects on behalf of their Page.

They can do this by adding you to a permissions group, as an AR manager for their Facebook Page.

Recording a video

You'll need to record a video of your effect being used. You'll be asked to upload this when you submit the effect.

The video will:

  • Help our reviewers make sure your effect meets Spark AR policies.
  • Be visible in Ads Manager - when the advertiser selects the effect.

The video won't be shown publicly.

Submitting effects

Choosing an owner

You'll be asked to choose an owner before you can submit your effect. This should be the Facebook Page of the advertiser you're creating the effect for.

You can then submit your effect in either Spark AR Hub or Studio.

Delivering your effect to the advertiser

Once your effect has been approved, you won't need to do anything else. It'll become available for the advertiser to select in Ads Manager, and add to their campaign.

Advertisers will be able to see whether an effect is approved or in review in Ads Manager.

Updating your effect

You can update your effect after it's been published. The new version of the effect will become available in Ads Manager after it's been reviewed.

If your effect is already being used in an ad, the ad will be automatically updated with the new version of your effect.

Monitoring your effect

At this time, creators can't see metrics for the effects they submit to be used by advertisers. However, advertisers can use Ads Manager to track Effect Shares (the number of times someone shared a photo or video that used an effect from their ad).

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