Promoting Your Effects
Portfolio and Gallery

Portfolio and Gallery

Your Spark AR portfolio showcases your Spark effects. Use the portfolio to highlight your style, skills and accomplishments as a creator.

The Spark AR gallery displays a list of public portfolios. If you have a public portfolio, it may appear in the gallery. This is an opportunity to display your work to brands and agencies and help other creators discover your effects.

Find your portfolio

To access your portfolio:

  1. Go to Spark AR Hub.
  2. Select Portfolio in the sidebar.

The first time you access your portfolio it is private by default and contains all your published effects. If you haven't published any effects, the portfolio will be empty.

Setting up your portfolio

To get started, click Edit Portfolio in the top right corner. From the Edit Portfolio page you can change:

  • Privacy — set your portfolio to public or private. If your portfolio is private only you can see it. If it's public, you can share the link to your portfolio with anyone. You can also choose to make your portfolio visible to search engines.
  • Primary account — display either your Instagram or Facebook account name and profile picture on your own portfolio.
  • Messages — turning this on will add a Message button to your portfolio so clients and creators can contact you. Messages will be sent to your Facebook inbox.
  • Bio — this is where you can highlight your experience as a creator and your own area of AR expertise.
  • Display link to profile — display your Facebook or Instagram account name on your portfolio. You can toggle both options off if you don’t want to display your account.
  • Featured effects — this is the list of effects you’ve chosen to appear in your portfolio. Click the eye icon to the right of any effect you don’t want to show. There is also an option to automatically feature newly published effects in your portfolio. If this is turned on, newly published effects will be added to your portfolio as soon as they're accepted.
  • Hidden effects — this is the list of published effects hidden from your portfolio. Click the eye icon to the right of any effect you want to show in your portfolio.

When you're finished editing your portfolio, click Save to confirm your changes. Any new effects you publish will automatically be set to hidden until you choose to feature them in your portfolio.