Publishing for a Limited Audience

When you go through the publishing process in Spark AR Hub, you are able to choose an audience for your effect — either Public or Link only.

Effects set to link only can only be opened through the share link and won’t appear in the same places as public effects. Find out more about where public effects appear.

Publishing a link-only effect

Unlike effects with a public audience, effects set to link only do not require you to create or choose:

  • A demo video.
  • An icon, although you can choose one if you’d like.
  • Categories.
  • Keywords.

However, you'll still need to choose:

  • Platforms.
  • An effect owner.
  • An effect publisher.

To begin, start the publishing process as normal. Once your project has been uploaded to Spark AR Hub:

  1. Give your effect a name and choose which platforms you would like the effect to be available on.
  2. Below Audience, click Link only.
  3. You’ll see that fields required for public publishing have disappeared and only optional fields remain.
  4. Review your effect and click Publish.

Your effect will be published immediately and ready to share with others.

Sharing link-only effects

After publishing, you’ll be given a link that you can share with the people who you would like to be able to use the effect. Go to the effect's details page and click Share, choose the platform and then click the link to copy it.

Resetting the link

If you'd like people with the link to no longer be able to use your effect, go to the effect's details page and click Share, and then Reset Link. This will generate a new link, as well as prevent anyone from accessing your effect using the old one.

Who can use my effect?

Anyone with the link can use your effect – this could be anyone you shared your effect with, or anyone else they may have sent the link to.

Effects published with a link-only audience also have a limit on the number of people who can use them – up to 50 users in a given 24-hour period. If your effect reaches the limit, new users will not be able to open it until the number of people who have used it in the past 24 hours drops below 50, or until you reset the link.

Where will my effect appear?

Your effect can only be found and used through the link. The effect:

  • Cannot be shared in stories, reels or posts from the camera.
  • Will not appear in the effect gallery or in search results.
  • Will not be shown on your profile, if you’re publishing on Instagram.
  • WIll not appear in your followers’ and friends’ camera trays.

Changing the audience

You can change the audience by updating your effect, and choosing Public or Link only. If you change a link only effect to public, your share links will continue to work and the 50 user limit will be lifted.