Managing Your Effects
Insights for Effects

Insights for Effects

Audience and engagement insights help you to learn more about how your AR effects are being used.

Insights are available to everyone who has submitted at least one effect and had it accepted for publication.

Finding your insights

To find your effect insights:

  1. In Meta Spark Hub, click Insights.
  2. Select Engagement, Audience or Actions depending on which type of insight you'd like to see.

You can filter engagement and audience insights by experience type:

By individual effect:

And by time range:

Clicking a specific insight will give you a more detailed view. You may be able to filter the data by Platform or Traffic source, depending on what insight was selected:

Before 29 October 2020, effects were published separately on Facebook and Instagram. This means that they were listed as separate, unique effects in Meta Spark Hub. If you published an effect to both platforms before this date, you’ll be unable to see the combined insights.

Engagement insights for sharing experiences

Sharing experience insights are found on the Insights page — select Sharing Experiences from the dropdown:

The 5 engagement insights for sharing experiences are:

  • Impressions — the number of times your effects were on screen in stories, posts or reels on Instagram, and stories or posts on Facebook. In carousel posts, impressions are only counted for effects in the first item of the carousel. Impressions aren't counted when an effect appears in messages, in the effect tray, or in the camera (this will count as an open).
  • Opens — the number of times that people have tried your effect in the Instagram or Facebook cameras.
  • Captures — the number of times that someone took a photo or video that featured your effects in the Facebook or Instagram cameras. Captures don't include live videos.
  • Saves — the number of times people took a photo or video while using one of your effects and saved it to their device.
  • Shares — the number of times someone shared a photo or video featuring one of your effects. These are counted in stories, posts, reels and messages on Instagram, and in stories and posts on Facebook. This metric excludes re-shares.

Engagement insights for video calling experiences

Your video calling experience metrics are found on the Insights page — select Video Calling Experiences from the dropdown:

The 3 engagement metrics for video calling experiences are:

  • Opens — the number of times an effect was opened in the camera during video calls.
  • Impressions — the number of times an effect was on-screen in video calls. These are counted for every person who was on the call. If three people were on the call, three impressions are counted.
  • Uses — the number of times someone opened an effect and used it in a call for more than a few seconds.

Audience insights

Audience insights provide information on the gender, age and location of people who opened your effects in the Facebook or Instagram cameras.

The 5 Audience metrics are:

  • Gender — based on whether someone selected male, female or custom in their Instagram or Facebook profile.
  • Age — based on the date of birth people provide in their Instagram or Facebook profile. You can split the age data by gender.
  • Top countries — the countries where people are opening your effects. We list the top five countries where your chosen effects were opened.
  • Top cities — the cities where people are opening your effects. This is based on their IP location.
  • Top languages — the languages used by people who open your effects. This is based on the language they select in their Facebook or Instagram profile.

When do insights become available?

You'll start seeing insights a few hours after your effect goes live. After that, insights are updated every few minutes.

If you're uploading your first effect, or have only started to upload effects to Meta Spark Studio recently, you may not see data when looking at the All Effects views. This data will appear once your effects have passed a certain level of engagement.

In the meantime, you can view insights for individual effects by selecting them from the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen. All Effects is selected by default.

The menu where individual effects can be selected.

If an effect has been disabled for not following Meta Spark policies, it will no longer be available to view on the Insights page and will not contribute to your insights.


  • Effect insights aren’t based on unique users. This means that impressions may include multiple views of your effect by the same account. For example, if one of your followers scrolls past your Meta Spark effect on a Facebook post, it counts as one impression. If they scroll past it again, another impression will be counted.
  • If you delete an effect, its insights will still be shown when viewing a timeframe during which the effect was available.
  • Insights data goes back to February 8, 2019. Insights were not captured before this date.