Exporting Effects

Exporting and Uploading Effects

When you export an effect from Spark AR Studio, an .arexport file is saved to your computer. This is the file that you upload to Spark AR Hub when you publish your effect. It contains all the individual files needed for your effect to work on your chosen platform.

You can also upload the .arexport file directly from Spark AR Studio to Spark AR Hub without exporting it to your computer first.

It's important to check file sizes when you're exporting and uploading an effect. Effects that are too large aren't accepted.

Exporting and uploading

When you're happy with your effect:

  1. In the toolbar, click the Publish icon.
  2. In the Publish Your Effect window, follow the on-screen instructions.

Checking file sizes

Before completing the process, check the file sizes and review any unused assets. It’s important to check that you meet size criteria for:

  1. The .arexport file — the limit is always 40 MB. You can only check the size by exporting it to your computer first. Alternatively you see a warning when uploading your .arexport file to Spark AR Hub.
  2. The three individual .arfx files that the .arexport file contains. These file size limits vary depending on the platform your effect is available on.

If you don’t meet these criteria, we won't accept your effect. Learn more about these file types and size limits.

Reviewing assets

Your .arexport file can’t contain any assets or objects that don’t follow Spark AR Policies. If you have assets you don't need, remove them before exporting and uploading your file. Also remove assets that don't follow policy.

While still in the Publish Your Effect window, select View Assets Summary, to find and remove any unused assets.

Learn more about the Asset Summary.

When you’ve checked that you meet the file size and capabilities criteria select either:

  1. Export to save the file to your computer. When you do this, you can check the .arexport file size before uploading it.
  2. Upload to go directly to the publishing process in Spark AR Hub.

Batch exporting projects

You can also batch export multiple projects using the command line tool.

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