Exporting Effects

Exporting Spark AR Studio Effects

When you export an effect from Spark AR Studio, an .arexport file will be saved to your computer. This file contains everything your effect needs to work in the camera.

It's important to check file sizes when you're exporting an effect. Effects that are too big won't be approved.

Before you can submit your effect for publishing, you'll also need to create an effect icon and make a screencast of your effect being used.

Maximum file size

The .arexport bundle that's exported on to your computer must be 40MB or smaller.

Learn more about effect size limits.

Exporting effects

When you're happy with your effect and you've checked the file sizes:

  1. Click File > Export and Upload.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You'll see a warning if your file is still too big.

Removing unused assets

To find and remove unused assets, click View Asset Summary. If there’s an unused asset in your effect, you’ll see an option to Review Unused Asset. Learn more about the Asset Summary.

Batch exporting projects

You can batch export multiple projects using the command line tool.

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