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Creator Awards

Spark AR Creator Awards

Creator Awards celebrate your milestones, achievements and progress as a Spark AR creator. Once earned, awards can be showcased on your Spark AR portfolio.

What awards are there, and how are they earned?

All available awards can be seen on your Awards page. Click any award to see its description and how to unlock it. Locked awards are shown greyed-out.

Awards appear as unlocked on your Awards page when you meet the relevant criteria. When an award unlocks, you receive a notification in Spark AR Hub and Facebook.

Which effects count towards awards?

Only the effects you own count towards awards and milestones. Effects managed by other people's Facebook accounts or Pages aren't counted, even if you were added as a collaborator.

If you have more than one account or page, you can switch between them using the account selector in the bottom left of Spark AR Hub.

Showing awards in your Spark AR portfolio

Displaying unlocked awards in your Spark AR portfolio is one way to showcase your accomplishments as a Spark AR creator.

To select which of your unlocked awards you would like to show on your portfolio:

  • From your Awards page – Select any unlocked award and you’ll see a toggle that can be changed to either show or hide the award in your portfolio.
  • From your Portfolio – Click Edit Portfolio and scroll down to the Awards section. All unlocked awards will be listed and can be shown or hidden.

If your portfolio is set to Public when you choose to show awards, those awards will become publicly visible. If your portfolio is set to Private, only you will see the awards that have been added to your portfolio.

Don’t have a Spark AR portfolio?

If you don’t have a Spark AR portfolio, you won’t see the option to show or hide your awards. Find out more about creating your portfolio.

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