Platform, Owner and Publisher

Choosing Platform, Owner and Publisher

During the publishing process, you’ll need to select platforms, an owner and publishers. These options control where the effect is published, which account manages the effect and which account the effect is attributed to.

Choosing a platform

The platform is where you publish your effect. You can either:

  • Publish your effect to all supported platforms at the same time (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Publish to specific platforms only.

If you publish to all platforms you’ll be able to distribute, manage and view insights for one single effect across multiple platforms and you’ll only undergo one review process.

Facebook Ads is available as a platform in the Business Tools section of Spark AR Hub. You'll only see this section when you select a Facebook Page as the effect owner.

Choosing an effect owner

The effect owner must either be a personal Facebook account or a Facebook Page. The owner manages the effect and controls permissions.

You can choose the effect owner in Spark AR Hub, from the list of available accounts in the dropdown menu on the bottom left. Once you publish your effect you won't be able to change the effect owner.

Choosing a publisher

The publisher controls the account your effect is attributed to. This means the profile or Page that will be shown next to the effect wherever it’s displayed, used or shared. The publisher is either a Facebook account/Page or an Instagram account linked to the effect owner. Learn how to link your Instagram account/accounts.

In the example below, Instagram is the publisher and the Instagram profile m.smith is therefore shown alongside the effect Elephant in the room.

If you are publishing to multiple platforms, you can either:

  1. Select one single Instagram account as the publisher on each platform you’re publishing to, including Facebook.
  2. Select one single Instagram account as publisher on Instagram and select a Facebook account or Page as publisher on Facebook.

If the platform is Instagram, the publisher can only be an Instagram account not a Facebook account or Page. The Instagram account chosen as publisher must be the same account across every platform (Facebook and Instagram)

If you’re only publishing to one platform:

  • If the platform is Facebook, the publisher can be a Facebook account or Page or an Instagram account.
  • If the platform is Instagram, Instagram is the default and only available publisher.