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Plane Tracker Patch

Plane Tracker Patch

The Plane Tracker patch is part of a series of three patches that when used together form the plane tracker.

The Plane Tracker patch tracks a selected plane in world space and captures its position, scale and rotation. You can use this patch to bind the properties of a tracked plane to the position, rotation and scale of a top-level object in the scene (i.e. an object that is a not a child of the plane tracker).




Connect the Plane Select patch to this input.




A signal that’s on when the selected plane is found.


The position of the plane on the X, Y and Z axes.


The size of the plane.


The rotation of the plane.


Signals level of plane tracking confidence.

The tracking confidence level is between 0 and 2. A value of 0 indicates low tracking confidence, 1 is the medium confidence level and 2 means the confidence level is high.

Plane tracker behavior will be changing from V133 onwards. Previously, the plane tracker would use a Z-up coordinate system on devices and a Y-up coordinate system in Spark AR Studio. By changing the device coordinate system to Y-up, plane tracking effects now perform with more consistency across all surfaces.

This change will only affect projects created or updated in Spark AR Studio v133 or later. If you have previously created effects that include a custom solution to address the rotation of the coordinate system on device, you may find that they work differently after updating to v133. Effects that were published before v133 will be unaffected until they are updated to v133 or later.